Ashik Jahangeer is one of the ONLY 25 Trainers in India for SAP S4 HANA!


SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a programming language for developing applications on the SAP platform.

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SAP S/4HANA is a next-generation, intelligent ERP system for digital transformation. It provides real-time data processing, simplified business processes, and a user-friendly experience.

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Ashik Jahangeer

  • SAP Certified Trainer
  • 12+ years of Product Development and Management experience
  • One of the only 25 Trainers of SAP HANA in India
  • BE Computer Science, Master of Computer Application
  • Has done 114 SAP Projects including 17 End to End
  • Implementation Projects, 27 ECC to HANA Migrations

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Trained 4500+ satisfied students in SAP over 12 years, with an unmatched level of industry expertise.

Building an experienced talent pool and continuously achieving the highest certification pass rates.

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Unlock the Power of SAP ABAP Now!

Are you wondering why SAP ABAP is a great course to join? Here are five compelling reasons why you and your team should get on board!

  • High Demand and an extensive library of tools and features that allow you to create powerful SAP applications quickly and easily.
  • Career opportunities in various industries
  • Get paid up to Rs. 9 – 12 Lacs pa
  • SAP ABAP being a vital part of the SAP system provides an integrated development environment to make coding faster and easier.
  • Investing in SAP ABAP is a great way to launch your software career.

So, if you’re looking to improve your coding skills and take your career to the next level, don’t hesitate to join SAP ABAP with Techshuttle! It’s a great platform that offers you plenty of features, tools, and resources to help you create powerful applications with ease and efficiency.

Discover the potential of SAP S4 HANA!

Are you looking for an inspiring, rewarding, and worthwhile learning experience? Do you want to gain an understanding of the powerful SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics system? Look no further – join the SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics course is a perfect choice! Here are five great reasons why?

  1. Learning SAP HANA can lead to career advancement opportunities in various fields, including IT, finance, and business intelligence.
  2. SAP HANA is a cutting-edge technology that is in high demand and learning SAP HANA can help you stand out in the job market.
  3. SAP HANA can help you better understand business data and make more informed decisions.
  4. SAP HANA professionals command high salaries due to their specialized skills and the high demand for their expertise.
  5. SAP HANA is a constantly evolving technology, providing ongoing opportunities to learn and enhance your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and features.

With these five great reasons, it’s easy to see why joining the SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics course is an excellent choice with Techshuttle.

SAP Training Course in Bengaluru, India

Are you an enthusiastic business person or an aspiring professional looking for the best SAP training courses? If so, we invite you to contact us!

  1. A unique combination of high-quality and innovative training methods.
  2. 12 years, one of Bengaluru's leading SAP training institutes.
  3. Refined up-to-date course materials with industry requirements.
  4. High priority to the needs of professionals, students, and employees.
  5. Deliver top-notch training experiences.
  6. Collaboration with industry experts on our training courses.

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SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a programming language for developing applications on the SAP platform. It allows for custom solutions and integration with other SAP and non-SAP systems.



SAP S/4HANA is a next-generation, intelligent ERP system for digital transformation. It provides real-time data processing, simplified business processes, and a user-friendly experience. Built on in-memory technology and designed for the cloud, it enables organizations to run live.

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Experienced & Certified Trainers

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Learn Both Conceptual and Application Knowledge.

100+ Hrs Projects & Exercises

Do exercises on all topics with Quizzes and Mock Coding Exercises.

Mock Interviews with Industry Experts

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Job Opportunities

Crack 20,000+ job vacancies for both Experienced and Freshers

Take Advantage of the Work Experience

All those who join our Techshuttle courses get the opportunity to engage in a real-time project, which gives them priceless industry-related knowledge before they embark on their career journey. In this competitive economy, having first-hand experience is essential to unlocking the potential that awaits you in the industry. Our real-time projects will help you to master the necessary skills and grow professionally.

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